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CEO & Chief Metrologist USAF Veteran

It has been an extraordinary journey for Lab Supplies Plus & LabCal. Starting from its humble beginnings,  to our current facilities in Lincolnwood, il.  Leadership decided to venture off into their own Lab Supply distribution and Calibration business after years of managing major lab supplies and calibration companies. With our 30+ years of expertise in the Calibration and Metrology field we have quickly become a one stop shop for purchasing your lab equipment & consumables with NIST traceable calibration included. Thus eliminating the need for the customer to seek calibration of  their products they purchased. Which will enable the customer to immediately put their product into service without delay. 

Our vision is simple: to provide customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices, accompanied by exceptional customer service. Lab Supplies Plus & LabCal has dedicated ourselves to our customers with an aim to establish a high integrity presence in the industry.  

Lab Supplies Plus is committed to serve companies across the United States, and proudly serve various markets, including but not limited to Clinical, Research, Hospitals, Veterinary, Environmental, Education, Food & beverage etc...  We express our gratitude to our exceptional distribution channel partners and our amazing team members—without you, we would not have achieved what we have today.

As technology advances and the industry evolves, Lab Supplies plus & LabCal remain committed to meeting the changing needs of our customers. Our innovation and technical capabilities enable us to continuously update and expand our product line. We offer the an extensive selection of laboratory products with Calibration services from a single source.

        CEO Lab Supplies Plus/LabCal

        "Committed to our customers"

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